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Let the Light Shine In! Leadlight Windows Turn Your Home into an Art Piece

August 7, 2023
Home leadlight windows add a touch of elegance and artistry to any property. Their origins date back to medieval times, but are found throughout Melbourne period homes of all types.

Sashman is a leading light in the restoration and manufacture of leadlight windows in Melbourne.  Leadlight windows (also known as leaded light windows) are made of small pieces of coloured glass and lead cames, which are slender strips of lead that hold the glass pieces in place. The result is a stunning mosaic of colours and patterns that dance with light, casting an enchanting glow throughout a room.

Sashman works with some of Melbourne’s best leadlight studios restoring and reproducing decorative leadlight and glass panels, including ArmadaleStained Glass, skilled artisans who can craft intricate motifs, floral patterns, or replicate existing artworks in their windows.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, leadlight windows are practical benefits. The thick lead cames add strength and durability to the glass, making them surprisingly resilient against the elements or attempted break in. They also provide privacy while allowing natural light to filter through, creating a serene ambiance indoors.

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