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Double and Secondary Glazing

With over twenty years in the business, Sashman Window Solutions have developed the premier systems for double glazing and secondary glazing on timber windows in Melbourne.

If you are considering double glazing for your home, for noise reduction and energy/heat efficiency, you should ask the following questions:

  • does the double glazing use timber frames?
  • will the new windows match the design of my house?
  • what are the environmental credentials of the windows?
  • how will this effect my property’s value?

When you upgrade your windows with Sashman Window Solutions, you are using experienced tradesmen who understand period timber windows. Don’t take the risk; entrust your home to safe hands.  

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What Is Double Glazing?

Sashman offers Twin-Glazed Insulated Glass Units (IGU) from our preferred supplier G.James Glass. IGUs are more commonly known as double glazing. Two (or more) panels of glass are separated by an air space (or argon gas), acting as an insulator against heat loss or heat gain.

Insulated glass units can be a good energy efficient option depending on your windows location – advice may be required  to specify the correct glass types
for different window orientation and location.  Good energy efficient glass in windows can  reduce the Solar Heat Gain in summer, and improve the insulation U-Value in winter.

In older homes, ordinary glass allows heat to easily enter and leave the building.  A Double Glazing  upgrade to existing windows is an ideal solution where  window frames are sound but sash replacement is required.

Sashman Window Solutions specialize in retro-fitting double-glazed sashes to existing window frames.  We can also incorporate special IGU configurations to further improve noise attenuation and offer a 10 year warranty against glazing unit failure.

Enhance your home’s comfort, safety and reduce energy consumption by investing in double glazing solutions by Sashman Window Solutions that will deliver a comfortable temperature for all seasons.

What Is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing involves installing supplementary window glazing elements onto an existing single-glazed window.  The different pieces of glass act as independent barriers to the transmission of noise. The greater the cavity between the two panes, the better the dampening effect .

If noise attenuation is the primary issue with  your windows, secondary glazing can be a great solution.  Secondary glazing is very effective in reducing unwanted annoying urban noise.

Sashman Window Solution have developed a system  that allows you to retain the charm and character of your home while improving your home’s comfort and security with laminated safety glass and European multipoint locks as standard features.

Sashman manufactures and installs a bespoke solution (our Urban Window range) that blends seamlessly with your home’s fa├žade.

Our units are expertly crafted from the finest materials available and are easy to operate and secure.  They  are fitted with twin draught compression seals to give maximum noise and energy saving benefit.

Being made primarily from timber (a carbon store) a natural material they have the best environmental credentials of any material type. Unlike some other window  products, as colour  tastes and palettes change you can paint timber products too.

Other Services

New Joinery

Custom made sash window replacements in Melbourne: Sashman has its own in-house joinery workshop in Oakleigh. We provide bespoke manufactured timber windows and componentry, making customised window replacements to meet your exact specifications.

Rot Repair in Timber Windows

Properly maintained windows will give you many years of service. But moisture creates ideal conditions for rot, most commonly affecting the bottom corners of box frames, timber sills and the bottom rails of sash windows.

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